Shared Web Hosting A Small Orange

The most archetypal and commonly availed of kind of web hosting is the shared site a small orange coupon. It’s a way to host your website without having to know much about programming and running a web hosting server. What’s more, it’s also the most economical type of web hosting and it’s very affordable for anybody. However, what is shared hosting?

What is shared site hosting?
As the name indicates, the shared hosting service is a sort of service where plenty of users share the reserves of one and the same web server. This denotes that all hosting server components such as CPU, hard disk drives, RAM, NICs etc. are split among the customers whose accounts are on that same server of a small orange promo code. This is normally made attainable by creating different accounts for the separate customers and fixing certain limits and usage quotas for each of them. Those limitations are allocated so as to restrain the clients from intervening with each other’s accounts and, of course, to hinder the hosting server from overloading for asmallorange coupon. Normally, shared site hosting clients do not have full root access to the web hosting server’s config files, which primarily indicates that they cannot access anything else on the web hosting server but their own web hosting account of a small orange coupon. The web site hosting resources that each account may use are set by the hosting distributor that owns the web server and by the respective web hosting plan. That causes the second essential question:


How are the shared hosting servers shared among the users?
Hosting companies that deliver shared web page hosting services a small orange hosting usually have various website hosting plans. Those packages offer diverse amounts of web space hosting resources and specifications, which actually set the restrictions that a web space hosting plan will have. The customer may pick between the individual shared web hosting plans and sign up for the one that he deems will fit him best. The web hosting plan will then define what limitations the client’s account will involve, once created. The prices and the features of the web site hosting plans are determined by the specific web hosting distributor. Based on the policy of the distributor, the shared web page hosting service can be divided into 2 groups – the free hosting solution and the normal shared service, currently very popular among “cPanel hosting” firms as a cloud web hosting one. It’s not possible to allege, which one is more preferable, since they are quite different from one another and they actually are subject to the business policy of the given company and, of course, the requirements of the given customer.
What is the difference between the free and the common shared hosting solution?
Of course, the principal difference between the free of cost and the paid service is in the amount of features that they provide. Free website hosting suppliers are not able to maintain a great number of web servers, therefore, they simply host more clients on one web hosting server by lowering the amount of system resources provided by the accounts. This will be efficient only on condition that the hosting servers are monitored and administered properly, because the huge number of accounts may cause the server to crash time and time again. Most of the free hosting corporations, however, overlook the quality of the service and therefore, it’s very difficult to come across a free of charge webspace hosting solution that’s actually worth the effort. The top free hosting companies typically offer free client support even to the free web site hosting users, since they want their web portals to grow bigger so that they eventually move to a paid web space hosting account, which offers more hosting resources. One such distributor, for example, is Freehostia, which is one of the biggest and eldest free webspace hosting corporations worldwide.
On the other hand, established shared web hosting vendors such as, for example, may afford to keep multiple hosting servers and therefore, they may afford to offer much more powerful website hosting plans. Of course, that affects the pricing of the site hosting plans. Paying a higher price for a website hosting account, however, does not automatically mean that this plan has a better quality. The best services are the balanced ones, which offer a price that corresponds to the actual service which you’re receiving. The first-class webspace hosting distributors that have been around for quite a while are listing their prices and package specs in a realistic fashion, so that the client may acquainted with what indeed he is obtaining. Besides, some of them offer a free extra with the site hosting package, like the 1-click applications installer, accompanied by 100’s of charge-free design skins that are supplied by ‘’. Such webspace hosting suppliers do care about their reputation and that’s why if you choose them, you can be calm that you won’t get swindled into paying for a solution that you cannot actually utilize.

A2hosting Review 2016

A2hosting Coupon, established in early 2001, has made a place for itself among the top web hosts at quite a remarkable pace. The secret of its success is it being a user oriented company and the packages provided by the company are planned so well that all user segments find them useful. A2 hosting has been recognized and awarded the title of Best UNIX Web Hosting Company in July 2006, they provide a minimum 99.9% uptime guarantee and in case they fail to meet this guarantee they will provide with discounts and in some cases with a month of FREE service. In addition to that they provide with free Domain Registration for Life, also a unique feature- Free Ad Credit worth $105.

Statement from Web Hosting Provider :


Within the next four years it would grow from a no-name company based out of a small Chicago suburb to a multi-million dollar web hosting company. Now, even with three offices in two countries, roughly 30 employees and thousands of customers (in over a hundred countries,) A2hosting Coupon Code has never forgotten its roots as a startup.

We know that YOU are most likely coming from a bad hosting experience. We’re good at just one thing: keeping your website smiling 😉

Hosting Plans and Features :


They provide with a Mega Plan, which is an all inclusive plan. It allows one person to host ten domain names in one account. It provides with 49 GB of Disk Space, 999 GB of Bandwidth, it also provides with two thousand FTP accounts, unlimited My SQL databases and unlimited email accounts, with a 30-Days Money back guarantee. All this for Just $6.95 per month, with not hidden costs or charges.

A2 hosting coupon Customer Support :


A2hosting provides a very well organized and user friendly customer support program. If you like to help yourself and learn your stuff, they provide huge knowledge base which has certain answers to almost all possible web hosting related problems, also there is a section for FAQ’s, where one can find direct answers to most common ‘getting started’ queries. If you prefer someone to solve the problems for you while you continue with your own job, you can get it touch with the helpful and friendly A2hosting crew at any time of the day via support tickets, live chat, emails or telephone.

Reliability and Security :


A2hosting provides with a very comprehensive Privacy Statement, which includes all sorts of condition and facilities as to meet the high standards of business. They provide Cisco powered network, host all websites from Dual Core Dual Operton Servers to provide Optimum Surfing Experience to your users. In addition to that, they use SCSI, RAID 5 technology to meet the high standards of the eCommerce sites.


To conclude I will personally recommend A2hosting, because they are comparatively the best web hosting service providers in the class, with a very good customer support system, reliable network and an excellent – on board – technical team to overcome security and infrastructure related issues. At just $6.95 per month, what else can you ask for.

Hostgator Review

I was excited to write a review about Cupones Hostgator, mainly because I’ve heard a lot of good things about them. With so many web hosts, and so few (good and honest) reviews, it’s really hard to tell who’s good and who isn’t.

From looking at the Hostgator web site, the company appears to be a serious and professional web host. A visually appealing web site, clearly posted contact information, lots of awards (from legitimate places), and grammatically correct text on site, all help make Hostgator seem like a formidible web host. A great feature (that seems to be awfully rare) is that Hostgator provides a demo of their control panel (a very slightly customized cPanel using the X skin) that actually works and isn’t impossible to find. It’s a great feature that allows you to review how cPanel works if you aren’t familiar with it.

Hostgator Features and Pricing :

The features Cupon Hostgator provides seem pretty standard (nothing lacking) with all of the expected features of a web host such as cPanel, multiple database support, FTP, email, etc. Hostgator’s one (the only one I could find, at least) package features 50 GB of diskspace, and 999 GB of bandwidth. There’s a limited number of databases (50 each for MySQL and Postgre), addon domains (5), parked domains (20), subdomains (just 20), and more FTP and email accounts than you could ever use (1,000 and 5,000, respectively). Pricing varies depending how long you sign up for:

3 Months: $9.95/month + $30.00 Setup + Domain ($10.00 if purchased from Hostgator)
6 Months: $8.95/month + $30.00 Setup + Domain ($10.00 if purchased from Hostgator)
12 Months: $7.95/month (no setup fee, free domain included)
24 Months: $6.95/month (no setup fee, free domain included)
I have never been a big fan of a minimum of three months contract, and you do have to click around (to the second step in their order process, actually) just to find out the price. Ignoring the minimum contract length, pricing is quite competitive.

Terms of Service :

Hostgator has a very unique Terms of Service – there’s no legal jargon at all. It’s just some bullet points on a page with the major points included in most Terms of Service agreements. The shady point is “All activities may be monitored, recorded, and examined by any authorized person, including law enforcement.” with a semi-shady “Any violation found or fraudulent activity that system personnel deem inappropriate may have your account immediately terminated without notice and any recorded evidence reported to authorized persons.” However, in fairness to Hostgator, the points are quite clear, and not hidden within a 10 page agreement.

cPanel Control Panel :

Two clicks later, I was into my control panel. If you know about cPanel, you can probably skip this paragraph. It’s all very standard. You have the same SQL, subdomain, email, etc. features as every other cPanel. There’s a few nice addons such as a domain manager, a sitebuilder, and some options to manage your account (basically, it just logs you into their billing system, but still convienent). Hostgator has Fantastico, which from what I saw, was up-to-date with the latest stable versions of all of the scripts. The cPanel went very fast and did everything it was supposed to do.

Script Installation :

Like a lot of cPanel hosts, Hostgator supports addon domains. I set up a few addon domains, and everything worked well, and without any problems. Hostgator doesn’t allow SSH/Shell Access by default, but says it will enable shell access for your account if you fax a copy of your driver’s license, passport, etc. to them. I installed some basic scripts (a blog, a CMS, a forum) without any problems. Speed was about average, and Hostgator seems to keep up in terms of software updates and the like.

Hostgator Support :

I called their support department using their toll-free number. I was talking to someone within about 30 seconds after dialing. I asked some basic questions: Do you support mod_rewrite (Yes), do you support mod_security (didn’t know, but checked), and do you keep your Fantastico up-to-date with the latest versions (Yes)? Support was nice enough, and keep to know what they were talking about. The representative obviously wasn’t reading from a prompt (no delay with answers).

I decided to test the Hostgator support out with some more complicated issues that an average webmaster may run across. I was caller #2, and had to wait about a minute or two. I spoke to a different representative (meaning they have more than one tech on duty, always nice) and asked does Hostgator support PHP5 (they have two servers that do, and can move your account if needed), if they support Ruby on Rails (nope), and if I should use ‘localhost’ as my host name with the script I was trying to install (Yes). I reworded the questions slightly and sent them to Hostgator support via email at 4:50 PM on a Monday. By 5:17 PM, I had a helpful response.

All and all, Hostgator seems like a good web host. The company certainly has their act together and by all means can be labelled as a top quality web host with great features and support.

Pros: Good control panel (cPanel) with a few nice extras, plenty of space and bandwidth, good support, fair pricing
Cons: Semi-shady points in TOS (nothing too major, and clearly outlined), 3 month minimum contract length, pricing is relatively hard to find Bottomline: Hostgator is a good web host that provides a good hosting experience with a top-of-the-line control panel as well as helpful support for a reasonable price.


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This is also one of the most frequently used methods of promotional activity among commercial establishments and business enterprises. There are hardly any sphere of commercial activity where this is not used and that also includes the web hosting service providers. There are different kinds of plans and package offers designed for web hosting services. It is designed with the aim of providing services matching both the requirements of a client and their financial budgets and affordability.


To make matters easier, there are coupon offers too which are offered as soon as you are a part of the registered clientele of a service provider company. The name of Hostgator would be the first to feature in a list of web hosting service providers who are known to offer some of the best discounts and packages. This is a company that has one of the best ranges of planned packages of web hosting services. In these they also offer various rates of discounts and free offers which can be availed through various types of coupons. These coupons are available from the official website of hosting coupons or even other websites dedicated to providing working hostgator coupons for free.


Vouchers are now commonplace available and you will come across websites that are dedicated in the feature of all kinds of them. Within these sites you will find different categories of codes that are enlisted; and in categories of web hosting, Hostgator Coupon Code is one company that will have several kinds of offers enlisted for their users.





With each enlistment of coupons there will be a brief description of the available offer with it. Also will be featured a coupon code which is a set of numbers and alphabets. This will have to be entered in respective coupon code input box within the website account for activation and initialization. You will avail discounts from 10% to as high as 25% on the package prices. One of the latest offers from Hostgator Coupon 2016 is its 25% off on all available plans for web hosting.


It can make for a saving of amounts ranging from $500 USD to $650 USD depending on the nature of the plan and its costs. This is applicable for all web hosting plans, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated web hosting server plans. It is one of the best offers provided by Hostgator so far. There are several other coupons that will be enlisted along with this offer. You will be able to see these in the form of free offers too. There are 1 cent coupons that provide special software services for a price as low as 1 cent.


Also available will be free offers for a month long service of software applications. It is also referred to as a trial offer in some cases especially newly launched software applications. Users are encouraged to avail the coupons and the free offers. Upon completion they can decide on a full purchase of the same. If a user wishes to continue using the free trial offer they can do so by access of a new coupon of the same offer if the same is available within the enlistments. You will also come across Hostgator coupons for Baby and Hatchling web hosting plans; in these there is a free first month offer. You will not be charged for the first month which is absolutely free or you can enjoy a discount of $25 USD approximately on your entire package order. This means that this discount will remain valid forever irrespective of the changes in the coupon offers enlisted every month. Sound incredible but these offers from Hostgator are all for real.


The company is one of the best in the industry and is known for its state of the art data centers and use of latest technology. Hostgator is a brand that is also well known for its exceptional customer care services and technical assistance for the client users. The availability of these coupons is a step forward to their commitment towards clients and users of their services. The coupons are regularly updated in their variations of offerings; starting from the percentage of discounts and the less prices attached to each package you can also avail free trials of software applications and 1 cent offers. In some of these offers you will be entitled to discounts for as long as a year’s period. This means you can enjoy the discounts for as long as a year.



The actual discounts and the lessening of the amounts that you will enjoy will also depend on the nature of services that you have availed from Hostgator. Also important will be the billing cycle of your package offer. For instance your annual charges for a Baby plan of web hosting amounts to $119.40 USD for a whole year; after the discounts of HOSTGATOR25OFF this amount will come to $89.55 USD for the same plan.


This makes for a clear $29.85 USD savings on the plan for a year. If you are a new client of the company the best way is to sign up for a longer duration plan suitable for you as it entitles you for maximum gain in savings that you can derive in the form of free and discounted offers. In most cases there is a complete waiver of the subscription charges of the first month. This way you will be able to enjoy the discounts that is stated on a particular coupon. So get started and sign up now to have one of the best companies host your website for ultimate internet exposure. At the same time you will gain with some of the best options for super saver service packages.